Welcoming Spaces soon to start

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 15.18.33

An H2020 project we are part of has been accepted! Read the news here.

The international consortium Welcoming Spaces will investigate new ways to merge two policy challenges: how to contribute to the revitalisation of shrinking areas in Europe, while also offering space for the successful integration of non-EU migrants.

Our role is ICT related, since we will be applying design science to develop and validate a model-driven repository of best practices. The repository will be tailored for the project and contain best practices on migration integration. But we count on reusing the same technology for our sustainability and business ethics improvement projects, or for projects by others (on information security, health informatics, requirements engineering, you name it), just by configuring the repository with models.

Interested? Then stay tuned for more news.

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