The paper Responsible software: a research agenda to help enterprises become more sustainable, published in the ICT4S 2016 conference proceedings, presents the research line. Meet our team here.

Responsible organisations behave in compliance with ethical values, and strive to maximise their positive impact and minimise their negative impact on society and on the environment. They face challenges such as assessing their business ethics and their social and environmental performance, integrating that information into their decision making, enacting continuous improvement processes that make them increasingly responsible, thriving in economic ecosystems where not every other company shares their values, communicating transparently with other organisations, governments and citizens, facilitating responsible consumerism, etc.

RespSW examples.png
Some stakeholder groups involved in the research line and improvement actions that can be supported by software

We apply model-driven methods and software tools to help responsible organisations achieve their mission, while contributing new knowledge to the scientific community.

One of the major topics we are addressing in the research line is impact measurement, a family of methods that covers practices such as (i) ethical, social and environmental accounting (ESEA), (ii) impact assessment, and (iii) life-cycle assessment. For instance, ESEA is the process of assessing and reporting the business ethics and the social and environmental effects of organisational actions. Software tools become important to support managing the accounting process, implementing proper mechanisms to gather data (web forms, mobile apps, surveys, sensors), providing dashboards with ethics, social and environmental performance indicators, supporting the proper reporting of the results to different interest groups (PDF reports, websites, infographics), etc. ESEA is not only a means to assess and report the level of responsibility of an enterprise, but also an important activity of the continuous improvement cycle of the organisation.

Picture 1
Ethical, social and environmental improvement cycle

MBI thesis projects available

We only supervise theses within the Master in Business Informatics that are aligned with the Responsible Software research line. See a list of available MBI thesis projects by Sergio España here and by Vijanti Ramautar here.

OZP projects available

We have a strong preference for bachelor projects that are aligned with the Responsible Software research line. Typically, we only accept projects in this domain. See a list of available OZP projects by Sergio España here and by Vijanti Ramautar here.

Capita Selecta projects available

There are a number of available Capita Selecta projects in this page. Feel free to write us an email to discuss any of them.