A new PhD candidate joining the research line

Vijanti Ramautar is a new PhD candidate at Utrecht University. She started perusing her PhD in December 2019. She performs her research within the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She teaches in the Bachelor in Information Science (Informatiekunde). She is a member of the Organisation and Information research group, where she contributes to the Responsible Software research … More A new PhD candidate joining the research line

Upcoming events

There are several upcoming events related to social enterprises, social and colidarity economy, etc. (some in Amsterdam). You might be interested in attending so as to make some contacts, interviews, etc. Or just to enjoy and learn. Of course, if you are conducting research that I am supervising, let me know beforehand so I can … More Upcoming events

Brief news

Social Enterprise NL is a network of Dutch value-driven┬ácompanies. You might want to explore what goods and services its members offer. But, more importantly, the companies constitute nice examples of social enterprises to consider in your research. Economy for the Common Good is creating several local chapter in the Netherlands. Feel free to join one … More Brief news

A comparative analysis of mathematical markup languages, by Thomas Alflen

Thomas compared several mathematical markup languages so we can later make an informed decision when selecting one of them for our upcoming socio-environmental auditing tool. For the moment, LaTeX mathematical formulas seem like the right choice, although the decision is not final yet. He explains it very well in the infographic.